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Saturday, January 19, 2019
Why i am motivated to play chess online

For me, playing chess online is like being in a world wide arena where anything is possible, it is a chance to duel the best players from every continent not simply harnessing your own skills but forcing you to meet opponents who think in a completely different manner to yourself, and this, as opposed to simply playing the same faces in your local area or regional competitions, makes online chess more than just a game but something alive and very exciting.



I find that when playing online a game can turn at any moment; I am even more suspicious of underhand plotting because I have never met my opponent before and will probably never play him again giving him a whole sleeve of tricks to utilise at any moment. Of course this sword is double edged as I am also able to use my own tricks and skills to coax and defeat an adversary adding a distinctive feature to every game. Respect is another interesting factor in online chess. When an opponent evades one of my elusive traps I find I have a deeper respect for that person which is only  added to by the anonymity of online chess, not being able to see an opponent makes the game more unnerving and stimulating.

The last unique feature of online chess is the ranking system. It sounds silly to say that where I stand online, with people I'm never going to meet, matters more to me than where i stand with friends or competitors at home, but it is nevertheless true. I find there is a huge drive with online chess to be the best, and it is this drive which more than anything makes playing online a huge appeal. It might just be that im a competitive person, or that many of you also feel this drive, but online chess has been a great inspiration for improving my game and what more of a motivation is needed than just pure and simple, improvement?

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