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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Chess represents the perfect combination of hobby and education

Chess represents the perfect combination of hobby and education. Since I began to take a serious interest in chess, I spend much of my free time playing correspondence games or reading about the history of players or tournaments.

I crossed over from knowing the moves to being a chess geek when I discovered chess books and sets on eBay. At first, I won a collection of books from the 1950s, then a years worth of Chess Life. Obsession began to set in when I won some New In Chess magazines. I was hooked and now I eagerly await the mailman each day to see what goodies he will deliver.

The obsession grew when I found various chess web sites and software programs such as ChessBase. Suddenly I had a hobby that had taken a hold of my inner soul. I couldn't wait to log in and see if it was my turn to move. I began to educate myself on the openings using chess engines to guide me through the critical beginning of a game. I also started to run my PGN files through Fritz to see exactly where I lost the game.

At this time, I carry New in Chess with me to lunch. I also travel with a magnetic set and play through games until late in the evening. I dream about how I could have been really good if I had taken up the game before age 41. At this point I am planning to take the hobby to another level and enter my first OTB tournament. Chess continues to exercise my mind and stimulate my senses as I look for my first queen sacrifice that leads to mate in 3!

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