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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Iphone chess - play chess on your iPhone

Iphone Chess - we are working on making chesshere compatible with iphone


The iphone chess application will  based on the Chesshere engine and should provide iphone chess players the ability to play Chess with others chess players across the globe

iPhone Chess will have  a graphical user interface which allows players to select the piece  and move it by tapping their fingers on the touch screen.

 iphone chess will let people play when and where ever they are. You can play iphone chess in your way home or while you are waiting to your…

this integration between chesshere to iphone chess will let chesshere players  keep all their data and profile while playing iphone chess

all the data will be saved in the same place.


On the plan:

Iphone chess correspondence tournament

Iphone chess realtime tournament

Iphone chess realtime chess games



The iphone chess will give everyone the opportunity to play chess while attending other activities


the following link will give you the option to play via iphone:





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