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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Siegbert Tarrasch: \'He who fears an isolated Queen\'s Pawn should give up Chess.\'
Seeing the above queen's pawn quote constantly on my Correspondence Chess game page used to make me queasy. After all, I was afraid of conceding isolated queen's pawns. Should I be making good on an old promise to myself to give up chess? Eventually, instead, I became emboldened and went all out to invite isolated queen's pawns. I even got a message from an opponent which said, 'Careful, I will try to isolate your d-pawn.' In no time I saw you could have an excellent game with this exciting new weapon. I also realised that I had better be on my very best form, or else. The new anxiety became a dread of not being on my very best form. Would the isolated queen pawn turn against me? Does a notable isolated queen pawn occasion spring to your mind, please? Do you have an IQP story? Comments: 0    

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