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Thursday, January 17, 2019
More than a yottabyte cubed....

So what motivates me?

Aside from massive amounts of endorphin and dopamine (and other "happy" hormones) that are released from my hypothalamus whenever I play chess?

This thought.

It is estimated that the possible variations in chess is roughly a googol and a septillion.

That is one followed by 124 zeros...

and the possible number of positions in a game of 40 moves is between 10^40 - 10^50...


and about 10^83 for 80 moves.

and there are only 10^80 atoms in our observable universe.

Talk about numbers, chess is the only thing that comes close to this.

Some predicted that when computer memories reach the order of n- yottabyte, chess will be solved...

Untrue, of course. And one can ask a theorerical physicist about this...

No one, nothing will ever solve chess.

This thought, in itself, is an intrinsic reward. This reward motivates me.

and for the "online" thingy, its JUST MORE FUN to PLAY ONLINE!!




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