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why i prefer chess online

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Monday, January 21, 2019

why i prefer chess online

Chess is perhaps the most complex cerebral game man has ever invented. It contains billions of varieties, so much so, that even the giant chess software can't ensure you a sure win despite its gigantic capacity to calculate trillions of moves within a few seconds. Secondly, chess demands a beautiful combination of science & art, sheer logic & mysterious creativity. Thirdly, chess is perhaps one of the very few games that eliminates the component of luck. If you lose none else is to blame; if you win you solely deserve the credit yourself. Fourthly, online chess has many edges over OTB chess. For instance, elderly people like me who have physical constraints can join the battle of wits from the comfort of their homes. CC confers the additional benefits of extra time & opportunity to consult books, database etc, to minimize mistakes & sharpen one's skill at the game. Finally, it's a bit cruel but factually true that chess is not meant for the dullards who go for laundering money in so many other games played in a casino fashion. Now at my ripe old age chess is a part & parcel of my daily life & I am keen to die with it as my dearest friend.

Sincerely yours,

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