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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
chess - gimnasium of the brain

For me Chess Represents:


1.  It is the gimnasium of the brain

2.  It helps you to be focussed

3.  It helps you to concentrate

4.  It helps you to think twice before you burn your fingers

5.  It helps you to make good decisions between a bad or  

     good move - look before you leap

6.  It helps you to get acquinted with new people that

     evetually became your friend - you enlarge your family

7.  It helps you to stay or look calm on theoutside allhough

     you are boiling inside

8. It helps you to deal with hurt, especially when you loose

    a game-always getting up after the fall

9.  It helps with calculations - mathematics

10. It teaches you to be cunning and sly while playing -

      with the decoy in mind

11. It teaches you perseverance -you will stick to chess till

      you die

12. It teaches you to give. Always edifying young children

      who reallywant to play chess - Chess Coaches

13.  Giving up your time in the promotion of chess

       especially Tournament Directors

14.  Help you to fight for a course eg. getting any

       tournament on radio; media or TV

15.  Chess brings joy to the faces of winners when they are receiving their prize money trophees or medals or any kind of recognition -eg. I received a Chess Legend Award from our National Minister of Sport Mr Whitey Jacobs for the promotion of chess since 1967 (40yrs+)

16. It teaches you how to use pschycology when a young female player explains to you her just loosing a game very calmly and polite while tears are rolling down her cheeks - not showing any emotion

17. It brings you to connect with all kinds of people.  I am having the privelege to coach and being TD for Braille Chess Tournaments for the past 5yrs -travelling with them -guiding them from the hall to their bedrooms -sleeping in the same rooms and experiencing their

      joy and hurts of chess

18. I teaches you to play correspondence chess - where your mind is focussed for years on the game as long as you are in it - I played before computers during 1983-1985 in FIDE Higher Class and won 5½ -6 but due to the moratorium on sport during the apartheid

      years I quite

19. It teaches you discipline - always on time-always neatly dressed-dressed in the colours of your team

20. It teaches you always to be a good sportman (showing good manners) especially after you've lost a game

21. Never go to a tournament if you are not well prepaired and with a mind without ANY worries

22. Never quarrel with your wife before a tournament-always have her blessing before leaving!

23. I have also learned that chess players are good liers - they've never practised or touched a board in years!

24. Avoid being an ego seeker -those guys who only plays when their rivals (better players then they are) are not in te field

25. Teaches you to be humble- never boastful of yourself

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