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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Our chess site seems so dry

When the good Admininistration shut out the chat for everyone, where everybody seems participating in socializing, the camaradarie and appetite of players seems lost when it was closed, i remember the days when sometimes there are arguments but with humor, it seems everyone is happy of the outcome even though many times racial is the topic, there are points that they wished to impart. Now, all players seems so silent and we dont know if they are still around!? We cant seems to ignore the fact that we are all brothers in this world yet though far apart we had contact with each other through ideas of chess. This is only our opinion when we want that we can bring back the joys of brotherhood.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Team Scoring Points

We should adopt a new scoring systems for the team games, patterned like the Chess Olympiad scoring system wherein a win scores 2 points, a draw scores 1 point, and loss scores 0...Why not this is team we are talking. This is more modern, and was adopted in World Championships between Anand and Kramnik...What do you thinks fellow players

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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Leaving the game

Leaving the game by unplugging your internet connection or something is the most unsportsman a player had done, its like running scared for fear of losing, surely the winning position will not likely run from the game, it is the losing player. Why what is your points here, you cannot profit from it, you cannot present it to any chess bodies like FIDE that this is your elo rating. I am sure this will not be recognized, play the way you should play no matter win or lose, just finish the game i am sure you will learn from your string of defeats.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Chess player, a dangerous leader!?

This type of article you might fully disagree. However think twice before doing so. why it pass my mind such as this, remember the gambits, a piece will be sacrificed for mobility, positional advantage later on or buying some time. But what if the gambit is not on the right timing? wrong move as they say, or that move is justified maybe after two moves. But the word is gambit, who wants to be gambited, you?

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