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Thursday, January 17, 2019
What is my motivation for playing chess and what it means to me!

Well alot of things in life can be related or compared to chess.
The first thing that comes out of me is a ghetto mantality. I'm originally from Detroit MI and not the suburbs! Chess reminds me of why I go to work everyday, so I don't have to live there ever again! 
I now live in Las Vegas and am out of that rat hole some people call home. It was pretty rough there. One night a cabbie dropped me of at McNichols and Gratoit and he said " this is the number one intersection in America were you can get murdered". My house was less than a Quarter mile from there on Troester.
    Anyway when I lived in Detroit I played chess to keep my wits sharp and remind me to always think a few steps ahead of the other guy.
For instance in the hood people sell things in the street (the two middle rows of the board). When someone intrudes on my side of the street trying to take my money that I cant allow! My family needs to eat just like his. That being said It's kill or starve to death. Neither will let themselves go hungry so someones got to go. When someone comes on your lawn (the row in front of your pawns) well that just plain disrespectful! Trampling my grass. If others see that I'm scared to do anything that makes me look weak. Then it's all downhill from there. If I dont do something about it they'll walk all over me. Soon enough there on your porch (the pawn line) trying to peak in the windows plotting to take everything I have including my life. I would much rather just kill the other guy and not worry about my money in the street. At the same time insuring my survival.

       Whatever it take's to survive when it's kill or be killed. For example putting my queen in the street to lure the enemy into an ambush. Remember don't let her in your house (back line) shes ruthless, caniving and will take everything if you let her. The pawn's are soldiers ready to die for the cause. When they work together they can block the streets and you wont make any money. At the same time they can open up the streets so you can have a clear line of fire. Oh and don't let them grow up into ladies.The rooks are straight shooters,  snipers if you will lining up there shot just right. Yes it's all out war in chess and in the ghetto. Let me tell you It's crazy in a city that has more guns than people (Detroit). This is a sad but true statistic for a long time now. Bishops are the the pimps keeping an eye on the Queen as well as all the pawns so they can grow up to be ladies as well and add to the entourage. The knights are the sneaky thieves of the ghetto. Before you know it he's jumped in your window ready to steal whatever he can for free.  Last but not least the object of the game is to kill the king. Everyone must sacrifice themselves for the king. Because without him everybody dies anyway.
Well I would like to say more but I'm afraid of making it too long. Therefore I'll end by saying this. I am reminded of the hood when I play chess and I appreciate the life I've made for myself here in Las Vegas. It reminds me that I never want to go back. Some people think the ghetto is cool I tell you now they've never lived there!!!  I can compare most things in life to chess. This one comparison of the streets and chess is the one that stands out most in my head and in my mantality. When it comes down to kill or be killed I like breathing so its not going to be me no matter what it takes. I hope you liked it. Sorry if I was a bit graphic.
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