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chess tournamnets

kishann2010 blog

Saturday, January 19, 2019

chess tournamnets

hello friends....i am soon going to play my first ever chess tournament in my city....it comprise of all range of players.......any advice that yoyu would like to share with me.......i am preparing the queens gambit system as white.....and nimzo indian and petroff as black....any suggestions to my reportiere will be heartly welcome....please help me out
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1. robert kay says: Monday, December 17, 2012
you don't say how old you are, I played my first tournament last February at my age 73 I was very nervus at first. You will also be nervus, but don't worry it will pass, enjoy your games win or lose. Try the Dutch Defence with black.

2. Zahnarzt says: Wednesday, March 06, 2013
Good luck with your tournament and enjoy it first and foremost. You don’t say if it’s a weekender of perhaps 6 rounds with about an hour on the clock each, or a longer tournament with lengthier games. I think your opening repertoire choice is great for lengthier games, but for a weekender a few sharp openings that you know quite well can be very handy, especially against the lower rated players. Stuff like the Hennig-Schara Gambit or Blackmar-Diemar Gambit can be really tricky for someone who doesn’t know them, and yield some easy points or at least give you a big time advantage. I’ve played in lots of tournaments and against similar fields I’ve noted that results can vary enormously from event to event. Sometimes you seem invincible and sometimes you’re down with the bunnies, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t succeed at first. You may not have played so badly. I don’t think your opening repertoire is that important because there are always many games in which you are taken out of your book knowledge quickly. The successful players are the ones who are prepared to fight hard in every game without spitting the dummy and always take it down to the wire. That means you have to be mentally tough.

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