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Monday, January 21, 2019
What do you thik about that chess opening

I usually played black 1e4,e5; 2Nf3,Nf6;3 Bc4,Bc5 4.0-0,Nf6 5Nc3,0-0 etc

But once had an idea: 1.e4,e5 2.Nf3,Nc6 3.Bc4,f5!!!

If 4.exf5...e4!!! 5.Ng1(the single chance to save the Knight) and black has a good advantage and will get the pawn later.

Now something stops the black attack(just for a move)

If 5...d5?? 6.Qh5+,g6? 7.fxg6,Ng6???(i was playing like that once) 8. g7+!!!,Nxh5 9.g7xh8=Q and I was lost

But the way I had to play was 5… Nf6! A move which would appear to be defensive but it’s potentially offensive later and the black has an advantage.

6 d3(best for white) ...d5! 7 Bb5 (or Bb3)...Bxf5 and black has a strong attack and good position.

What do you thik about that opening?

I liked the ideea of the Jaenish defence to sacrifice the pawn in Ruy Lopez 3...f5   (instead of a6 or d6)

But i don't like that  in Ruy Lopez white can take the knight and has good attack.

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Monday, January 21, 2019
What chess means to me…? Hmm.. that’ s not an easy question.

Well I played my first game at 4 years old, on 1st July- on my birthday -with my grandfather. I was excited about the game. 5 long years I played for fun with my father or grandpa. But then my father took me to a tournament. I met new players with different tactics and openings. At 10 years old I won my first tournament at school .  Then I started to train myself around 2-3 hours a day. At 11 I went for the first time at the nationals. It was a success for me: I was 11 and I had the 28th place at the nationals with players 11-15 years old. Than at 12 I had the 23rd place but I considered this result as bad because when you have the experience of an year at nationals you have to profit about it. Now I’m 13 and I want to win the nationals at last when I’ll be 15.

I think ChessHere is the best option for me to improve my chess skills and to train myself.

Chess is war, art and sport, a beautiful game which makes you think.

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