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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
the Abbott gambits
Completed a unique chess game, in fact according to the chess data managers, the very FIRST ever in chess history that my series of gambit and checks (10 +) resulted in a deceptive and surprising mate in 34 moves; it shouldn't have ended that way, but please refer to it as the Abbott gambits. It looks so very different throughout the game than most judge play to be, with the big money feeling strong for the losing color until the (surprise) mating ritual which was mercifully ended before the act. The game proffers advice in advantage gained and lost, with seemingly strong persistent attack by the losing color met by adroit exploitation of position, and being down 2 pawns. Imagine the losing color checked 8 times during the game, black only 2 until the mate moves. Small wonder the big money is encouraged throughout the game, as the endgame approaches. Plenty of gambits are scattered throughout the game, not least the 10 checks; all helped the winner. Michael L. Abbott CPT, US Army (retired) Comments: 1    

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