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Chess teaches and relaxed me

raditya blog

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Chess teaches and relaxed me

Chess teaches and relaxed me.


I'm maybe not look like a regular chess player. Actually I'm more like a bulky and big sports junkies.

I like hard sport such as soccer, Basketball and martial art. I'm quite good at that, and always been picked up for the first team in any tournament my sports club entered.


Before my friends know that I love chess since my childhood, they always thought that I was a bullying type. A big muscles with no brain. But I love chess. I started playing chess at age 5 and since then several time ejoying tournaments. The best position was a champion in regional junior high tournament. since then my chess skill was declining, only because it is hard to find a worthy opponennts among my "sports junkies" friends.


my friends always amazed when I say that chess was my pure passion, they say that chess is a weird sport that only add tension to my brain, but actually for me chess is the true medium for relaxation. Chess help me focus my mind and concentrate. It gives me calculation skill that really usefull in other sports field. But the most important thing of chess is; its make me understand that every pawn, every person, have its own unique parts to winning the game, regardless what are they capable to do. Some pawn can moves far, other only can step one at the time, but every single one was needed to win the battle.

it called team work..


it's funny isn't it? I learn teamwork from a single person sports...


but thats chess for me. Its help me relax and expands my mind.


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