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Chess is a unique game

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Chess is a unique game

Chess is a unique game. I started to play since 16, but not too serious. However, when I was in my University, there was a chess club where there were only few members interested to join it, probably people did not like to think for the strategy. During the annual general meeting at the time, I was stunned when two of the members play the chess without looking at the chessboard, wow!I felt amazed. At that time I was thinking that they have planned on the movement, however when I was coming to know them closely, I tried to play with them and the man did not look at the board while I did. Wow! I was defeated easily. Started from that moment, I began to find the books, and surf the internet to find all the chess games played since 1700. And until now, I can afford to buy chess book because it is too expensive here. So what I've been practising is to surf, find the best game, join tournament, analyze my game, analyze using chessmaster or fritz and read some articles I found from internet. Now, my rating in Malaysia is around 1600, but I used to defeat Malaysia chess player and I feel content with the chessgames.

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