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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Unlimited Patience and Tolerance for Chess
hello. This is Robert C. Monroe. I've been wanting to have a blog for some time now, and since I find social media is a total teardown in my judgment, I thought I'd best start my own blog--on my favorite site--and let the chips fall where they may. With respect to the internet and Tv, radio and film, I hope this blog doesn't go volcano anywhere, but I am a published author (just barely--two copyrights), and so I thought I'd best keep a Blog based upon a journal technique I taught myself in my first few years of college called: are you ready? A Philosophical Calendar So much for my methods...may this blog be a good outlet to anyone who reads and perhaps you'll see something reflected in it that gets you to contact me back....if you can find me on the net. With a philosophic Calendar one puts one idea or quote into something one has learned only that day....or perhaps one' favorite quote that runs around and runs around these days without emptying its repetitive little self out of one's head. Sounds like fun, ay? So, here's today...September 27; A quote from Mao Zedong... "Everyone should have some bitterness in their lives." Comments: 4    

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