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Why I\'m motivated to play chess online

yoni00 blog

Monday, January 21, 2019

Why I\'m motivated to play chess online

I fell in love with chess just a few short years ago when my then partner taught me the basics. Sadly, no-one else in my circle of friends play the game so my learning was at the time restricted to a few games every now and then, and, consequently, my skill level is low but the enjoyment level, regardless, is high. When I found out that you could play chess on line with 'real' people I hunted for a site that would offer me this and found this one. Well, wow! I can play chess at any time I choose. I can play long, short, or super short games - all good fun. My skills are very slooowwwwly improving with the help of some wonderful players who will spend a bit of time to tell me what I'm doing wrong. I get to chat to people from all around the world and from all walks of life and ages,and what else can I say except what more could you ask for. Enjoy you won't regeret it.

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