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Extra features

The standalone ChessHere Training Software packs some exciting features compared to the online version.

Here are the highlights:

Visual Aids highlight the pieces you can move and whether you can capture an enemy piece or if some of your pieces are threatened. This is very useful especially when you're in check and may miss possible moves and it also helps you take advantage of oppotunities you may overlook otherwise.
"Help me move" will give you handy advices if you're stuck. You decide if you actually want to do the suggested move or not. The suggestion is given in plain English and can be a poweful aid. Use it sparingly to avoid being spoiled.
Board Analysis shows how the Board is controlled, in shades of blue, red and purple, helping you in the strategic assessment and positioning. Advance pieces to neutral areas; see which areas are strongholds; lure your opponent away to weaken its position.  
Board Editor is the most powerful feature - it allows you to build your own game and recreate famous positions. What's more, you can import and export the Board in FEN format. In Chess Puzzles page, you can find some interesting postions; there are many more out there!

System requirements

ChessHere Training Software comes in three versions:

  • Windows application (tested on Windows XP, Vista) - 2 Mb;
  • Mac OS X application (tested on 10.4 - Intel) - 4 Mb;

The Windows and Mac versions are fully portable (no installer is required) so you can put ChessHere Training Software on an USB drive and play anywhere!

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ChessHere Training Software is available for both Windows and Mac OS X

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