Correspondence Chess

Rated Tournament game, 2 days per move (started at: 2019-12-15 13:23:37, last move: 2020-02-29 19:18:11)
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    Brazil  web2ChessHere Silver Member(1602) wcsBecaca     Spain  Blackice1616(1294)
Remaining Time: 33 days, 7 hours, 11 minutes
- White player is on a vacation until 2020-02-29
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Jeremy Silman: After giving a student the basic mating patterns and strategies you must begin giving them advanced concepts. At first these ideas will not make sense, many players will have a vague idea of what you are talking about but nothing more. Even a fragmented understanding of these concepts will prove useful though, and eventually they will improve as these lessons are assimilated by repetition and example.
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