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# Game title (Type) Opponent(Rating) Moves Rem. Time 10 games
1.Marts 2018 (R) South  HLJ(1401)32.52:20:20
2.Marts 2018 (R) South  HLJ(1401)332:20:21
3.Marts 2018 (R) Italy  albycoccax(1572)44.52:22:15
4.Marts 2018 (R) Czech  BobbyF(1297)362:19:0
5.Marts 2018 (R) Bulgaria  Sevin(1524)45.52:19:4
6.Marts 2018 (R) United  dbrunnerChessHere Gold Member(1534)23.52:19:8
7.Marts 2018 (R) Europian  philcan(1551)432:19:9
8.Marts 2018 (R) Europian  philcan(1551)43.52:19:10
9.Marts 2018 (R) United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator(1629)352:19:11
10.Marts 2018 (R) United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator(1629)34.52:19:11
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