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# Game title (Type) Opponent(Rating) Moves Rem. Time 6 games
1.Pavasaris 2018 (R) Costa  kutabare(1743)13.51:13:3
2.Pavasaris 2018 (R) Costa  kutabare(1743)141:13:6
3.Pavasaris 2018 (R) France znk999 is online znk999(1652)21:15:18
4.Pavasaris 2018 (R) France znk999 is online znk999(1652)1.51:15:28
5.Pavasaris 2018 (R) Philippines  Larryldy(1684)15.51:15:58
6.Pavasaris 2018 (R) Philippines  Larryldy(1684)161:15:58
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