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# Game title (Type) Opponent(Rating) Moves Rem. Time 13 games
1.Challenge (R) India  rajangarg76(1392)0Timeout
2.Friendly Game (R) India  sganesh007(1400)0Timeout
3.Friendly Game (R) Argentina  chess pirito(1400)0Timeout
4.Julius (R) United  gpetermanm(1400)0Timeout
5.Friendly Game (R) India  Anji143(1400)0Timeout
6.Friendly Game (R) India  satpal19(1400)0Timeout
7.Friendly Game (R) India  rushikesh(1389)0Timeout
8.Friendly Game (R) South  Eric123456789(1378)0Timeout
9.Friendly Game (R) United  goodluck0099(1400)0Timeout
10.Friendly Game (R) India  Thimma234(1400)0Timeout
11.Friendly Game (R) Egypt  hamedkhames(1343)0Timeout
12.Friendly Game (R) Kuwait  asharf(1400)0Timeout
13.Friendly Game (R) India  harsha1485(1400)0Timeout
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