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Player: Portugal  viriol Subject: beyond existence...

2007-01-02 14:13:20
What would you find if you could get to the limit of the Universe?-
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1International  nivlachesster2007-01-02 14:17:47
Let me guess
Nothing because the Universe involves everything although God has crossed my mind. He might be "outside" the Universe watching us all and the whole Universe.

2Portugal  viriol2007-01-02 14:30:14
But if you bear in mind there's no space beond the Universe, is it possible to exist an outside?-

3United  Stretch2007-01-02 14:41:31
Aren't we on a parallel to Columbus and "friends" with the discovery that the earth was round? As space journeys are made, all of our conjecture as to "what exists" beyond? will become clearer, and likely will it not be another dimension, of sorts? What kind of other dimension? our mind is not now capable of understanding, and further development of the human mind will come first. Just someting for me to think about!-

4United  dominick19522007-01-02 17:20:51
at the edge of the know universe would be a chessboard with neo waiting...-

5Portugal  viriol2007-01-02 18:24:32
By the way, Stretch, that wasn't Columbus, that was the portuguese explorer Fernão de Magalhães.-

6Portugal  viriol2007-01-02 18:46:00

Sorry, aparently, he's also known as Ferdinand Magelland - I didn't know...

7Cambodia  adamh1towins2007-01-03 02:19:03
I expect aliens there.-

8Netherlands  Yenman2007-01-03 20:00:39
Hmmm... interesting question. I think at the edge of the Universe you will find the remains of the Big Bang, the very beginning of the Universe. If we could get there we could calculate how the universe expanded and maybe explain how the universe was created. Beyond that limit time and space doesn't exist. That means no matter, no light, nada. But maybe there are more universes, and the one we live in is just one of it's variations. This theory is called the strong antropical principle. The strong antropical principle says that there are lots of different universes, each with their own laws of nature. The universe we live in is just one of the possible variations that was created (by God?).-

9United  curtpaulus2007-01-03 23:54:09
there is nothing at the end of the universe b/c at the end of the universe is the end of existance and the end of existance means nothing can exist or be...this is for at the end of the universe as a whole and not seperate universes as described by "viriol"
...This is just my opinion... How can there be something were there isn't anything at all? Think about that one and that would answer a lot of 's

10United  BloodyExistence2007-01-04 03:28:53
End of the universe? Copy and paste this link to SEE!

11United  curtpaulus2007-01-04 03:31:30
yeah...that's hilarious-

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