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Player: United  dbr Subject: punctuation is everything

2007-03-07 16:06:18
A college professor wrote on the board:
[b]"A woman without her man is nothing[/b]
The professor told his students to copy the sentence and return it the next day correctly punctuated.
The men in the class turned this in:
[i]"A woman without her man, is nothing!"[/i]
The women in the class turned this in:
[i]"A woman, without her, man is nothing!" [/i]

Punctuation is everything!
Have a good day and best of luck with your games!
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7United  dbr2007-03-08 16:32:21
Hey Jonny_b You made me look twice to see if I marked it wrong...;-)
Look at it again: rephrased: Man is nothing, without a woman. Your comma on the second one should come after "her" not after "man".
Does it make sense now?