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Player: Ukraine  Squash Subject: 4th Championship - STARTED

2007-03-28 21:51:20
Ladies and Gentlemans!

4th Championship was started. Have fun!
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1International  URTV6662007-03-28 21:58:16
why is it that there's no more 4th ChessHere Championship-C


2International  URTV6662007-03-28 22:04:07
oops, sorry, it seems that you announced the commence of the championship a little too fast that the championships page has not been updated timely. I have been assigned the games though.


3International  Cimmeria2007-03-28 22:13:29
I'm happy for the start of the championship!!
Only one question:
I am at the 4th Championship B
I understand that the rating for this sub-champ is 1500-1800
But I'm on a paired in a group with player WinChesster, who is 1821...
Is there any rule that I don't know?

Regards and sorry for my poor english!!

4Italy  Renzo2007-03-28 22:15:45
Pass the turn only the winner of eliminatory?-

5United  curtpaulus2007-03-28 22:18:16
Well, when WinChesster signed up, his rating may have been in the proper rating category-

6International  Cimmeria2007-03-28 22:21:30
yes curtpaulus.
But I had the idea that when the championship starts the players would be promoted or degradated to the championship they must be on

7United  curtpaulus2007-03-28 22:25:48
It said in the rules that the player would remain in the group they started in-

8Germany  WinChesster2007-03-28 23:12:55

no, it said exactly the opposite:

As I remember: "If your ratig on start is over 1.799 you will be moved to a higher division".

This was the case but nothing happend.

I joined the B group cause another statement for the A group was: "If your rating is
below 1.800 you will be moved out of the chempionship." So like a lot of other players with a rating between 1.780 and 1.800 I tried to minimize the risk. Better to play in group B than NOT play...

And now we have to play in a lower division.

9United  sree_rao2007-03-28 23:27:22
Yes, this is a mistake. Since this is the first
Championship that Vitaliy and I have tried running since I purchased the site, it probably won't be the last mistake that we make during the course of this Championship.

I will ask Vitaliy to correct this if he can. So anyone that is in the wrong group, please don't make a move in your games.

10Germany  WinChesster2007-03-28 23:40:46
Too late, sree_rao. I made a few moves (1-2 in each game) after I told you the problem via PN.
Okay, maybe I should wait longer for answers...

Now I'm finally trapped in this group?

Okay... I will hold my fingers still, don't make further moves and pray quietly until you announce your verdict.

11Estonia  rault2007-03-28 23:42:22
that is good since there is a lot of over 1500 guys, who should'nt be there, in Championship-C too. -

12United  Ray Duque 32007-03-28 23:50:11
Good luck to all. I'm in it too. Championship C. This is also my first time to join.

Ray Duque III
New York City

13United  4F73RL1F32007-03-29 01:50:34
This is my first championchip does only the winner of each group advance to the next round?-

14Ukraine  Squash2007-03-29 20:57:28

It's a pity, but for this moment it's impossble to move persons to another group. We will curently working with this issue, so on next Championship we will not have this porblem. Sorry for this.

Also if you have any another problems with champoinship or website: just send me PM and we will start with solving this issue.

15United  curtpaulus2007-03-29 21:52:44
oh, sorry. i thought i read it differently. my bad.-

16England  jonny__b2007-04-07 12:16:20
Is it possible fo me to enter the championship please -

17Lebanon  Yousuf2007-04-07 12:39:21
Dear Jonny__b,

Yes, it is possible, as it was adding a new player to any group of 4 players to be 5 possible through the previous championships.

You need just PM Squash.

Good Luck Jonny

18England  jonny__b2007-04-07 13:35:08
Cheers for your help, there wasn't any button to press to enter the comp so I thought I'd missed it but its great to see that I haven't. It will be my first championship, I dont expect to win or anything but I'd like to do well and have a good time. I also just entered my first tournament. I'm really enjoying all the team games and tournaments and stuff, I think this is a really great web site. I'm using it to prep myself because I'm planning on joining the british chess assososiation, I already got an application form, and as soon as I feel I'm ready and I feel I've developed enough I'm gonna give it everything so this is a major starting point for me. Would be nice to get some responses on my openings though so I can see how to imrpove my tactics.

Cheers for your help Yousuf, much appreciated

19England  jonny__b2007-04-10 01:21:44
I asked but they said they couldn't put me in

I'mplaying my firts tournament though and I've won a lot of my games

20United  kipper2007-04-10 21:22:38
i am playing in the championship and have won my first two games and my other 4 are somewhat going good. lol


21Germany  WinChesster2007-04-10 23:43:48
That's interesting kipper. Please keep us up to date... as usually. -

22Australia  ChrisOos2007-04-18 21:47:06
I can't believe I missed this one! I was looking forward to the next championship and alas now I'm to late-

23Netherlands  orangechess2007-05-18 12:24:50
What if two players end with equal points on top of the table? Which player will advance to the next round? Can only one player advance or can both players advance?-

24Belgium  viermaaldomi2007-05-18 15:19:37
both players advance-

25England  jonny__b2007-05-22 17:12:15
I cant believe I'm not in teh championship. Now I have ot wait 2 whole years to see my improvements. Is iot totally random on how the groupings are done or is it in rating order?-

26United  lavongsa chess2007-05-26 13:01:56
Hi, how long does it normally take for a championshipn to start??-

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