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Player: United  mancroft Subject: Kasparov arrested at Moscow rally

2007-04-14 09:40:21
Police have arrested Russian opposition leader Garry Kasparov at a banned anti-Kremlin rally in central Moscow.

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17United  goldyluck2007-04-14 12:54:22
The Russian's present admin is also accused about the poisoning death of a former spy and the death of a journalist here in USA that's critical of the present admin in connection of the poisoned former KGB agent.I doubt any regular joe in Russia will even bother to write here knowing they could be targeted.

18United  goldyluck2007-04-15 06:46:00
I stated "doubt" so it can be proving wrong if they are going to write here condemning their government acts or Mr. Putin himself.

19United  Ray Duque 32007-04-15 17:06:48
If you did something and got arrested that's normal but if you didn't do anything wrong and you got arrested that was a mistake. So maybe he did something wrong that's why he was arrested. So, that's normal. I don't know the story why he was arrested.

20United  Ray Duque 32007-04-15 22:18:59
Squash, You're exactly correct that's why I don't know their laws.

Ray Duque III
New York City

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