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Player: International  rider Subject: the grob opening..

2005-11-20 09:23:48
does anyone here ever play the grob opening 1g4 ?

i know this is considered an unsound opening..

but i have had some success with it in blitz games...your thoughts on this opening
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1Albania  Intelligent2005-11-20 15:51:40
Dear Khaled,

Earlier in the this site we had sort of explanation (or make it a special item) what the opening position of the game is. Now I have bunch of games, without knowing am I playing spanish or different sicilian variation's etc.

Please, do insert the explanation of the opening position games as earlier as it was.


2Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold Member2005-11-20 15:57:46
Dear Intelligent
this option is still there, but because I made some changes to the ECO database, I had to delete the links between games and corresponding opening,

you will see this option again in new games

3Albania  Intelligent2005-11-20 16:01:36
Dear Khaled,

Thank you for your quick reply, and I am glad to know that the option with that link will be a part of this site.

You are doing a great job.


4United  fantesca2005-11-21 17:02:58
I have only played one game where opponent opened with 1 g4, and it was this:

1. g4 d5
2. f3 e6
3. c3 Qh4#

I have read papers that say the Grob is good, but I've also read that it is not hard to shut down. My game here is no example of either, of course, it's just the only time I've seen someone use the opening in a real game.

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