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Player: United  wizardsfan500 Subject: Championships

2007-05-26 21:31:02
does anyone know when the next chesshere championship will be?-
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1International  jka2007-05-26 22:06:08
well, the last one just recently started on 28th March this, I guess, it might take about a half year from now on when the next one may idea could be to ask sree_rao about it...-

2United  lavongsa chess2007-05-27 01:35:19
You can't ask sree_rao...tried earlier this afternoon...hehehehe...he said to ask squash...don't ask him/her...he won't reply to messages until after the weekend, I asked him before sree. Squash is taking a break for the weekend he/she said...I think squash is a he?-

3International  Zbl15192007-07-11 19:29:29
The next one will start soon, won't it?-

4United  C_Artist_Think2007-07-11 19:41:34
I'll make an announcement it when it is created.-

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