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Player: Canada  snowowl Subject: The mitey ducks, will they win even one game

2007-05-29 00:44:08
I'm kind of curious, but will the ducks win even one game against the Ottawa Senators? I've never seen such a possible lopsided mismatch as this years, Stanley Cup Finals. Any thoughts on this or is this years series, not worth following?
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7Canada  snowowl2007-05-30 01:51:38
well they flew well last nite, for sure. let me go out on a limb here and forecast a bit... following the second game , a big win for ottawa of course, a few ducks fans come up to ottawa and want to watch the big game of course... one ducks fan forgot his game sweater and wanted to be properly attired, walks into a senators sports store and asks the clerk for a ducks jersey. the clerk shakes his head and say's no , no ducks stuff in here, we are a senator's sports store. Later the same day the duck's fan visit's the same store and request's the same, from the same clerk, again the same reply but more fervent from the clerk. the same scene is repeated a couple of hours later, and this time the red faced sports clerk, say's no and tells the duck's fan, to get his arse, tailfeathers and webbed feet out of the store or he will nail all to the floor and wall, where he can be properly displayed. the duck's fan doesn't return again that day. However the next morning he walks into the sport's store right promptly at opening. He asks the clerk, do you sell any nails, and he'd like a pound please. the clerk is curious, while a bit angry at this duck's fan, says no, no nails. the duck's fan then promptly request's a duck's jersey once again...

8Canada  snowowl2007-06-01 02:51:43
i think all of us ottawa fans are glad to be back at home, should have those ducks just where we want em, two home game wins coming up, if that doesn't happen, .... gotta say Emery is playing really , really well, now for the rest of the team to step and join in...

9Canada  snowowl2007-06-03 19:40:32
whew, finally won a game against those ducks, they for sure are tough...gonna make the four wins just that more enjoyable, that's for sure...