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Player: Europian  pierre Subject: Another joke tournament - enjoy

2007-06-03 09:25:40

I don't understand how those players are "constructed".
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1England  BERYL2007-06-03 11:55:56
It would be unfair to describe all of CODDs tournaments as fakes, as the 'Beat the Master 1-4' series all seem to contain one other player who is genuine.
However, a more suitable title for them would be 'Beat the Master 49 times, coz that's what you have to do to win This tournament pal'.
Perhaps all fake (multi-accounting) combatants should be removed from the table, and the medal re-awarded to the other genuine contestant in each case?

2Canada  Korr2007-06-04 01:17:13
Excellent idea!-

3United  pinkpersiangurl2007-06-04 01:30:53
wait so ur saying all there games are fake?
just wonding
thats sad

4United  rweiss2007-06-17 00:48:33
I don't understand. could someone explain the controversy to me? thank you.-

5Germany  generals0072007-06-17 08:16:28
it looks like it, but how do you see that these are multi?-

6United  crogers2007-06-18 15:18:09
pretty weird how every game in that tourney are basically the same game, and black resigns after about 4-5 moves isn't it????-

7Germany  generals0072007-06-18 16:07:35
humm humm i didn't look at the games
why didn't the accounts get banned straight away?

8United  crogers2007-06-18 16:11:08
@generals007, look at all the games, they are all the same game, and black resigned after about 4 or 5 moves.-

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