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Player: Europian  pierre Subject: Open question to Wassim Saasouh, aka CODD here

2007-06-03 09:36:04
Hello CODD!

How many faked tournaments did you won here?

Shame on you.
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1England  BERYL2007-06-03 11:14:07
You have to say the guy has a sense of humour: The titles of his 'tournaments' are I Love Chess (I,II,III & IV), and Good Games (I,II,III & IV).-

2International  Szandra2007-06-03 12:13:09
Open question to pierre

Who is pereira

Different IP Adress = Not Reason + Not Excuse


3South  Anihalator2007-06-03 12:14:45
How exactly did he do that?-

4Canada  UOGC2007-06-03 15:57:51
Hello, I had two very close games against CODD and now I accepted two draws from his suspended account because by the time he timed out I guess his rating would be 1300.

Anyway, his meteoric rise from 1700 when he challenged me to 2100 during our games made me suspicious he was cheating. So what did he do exactly do get suspended?

He was a very nice player to talk to anyway.

5Iraq  Jeanne2007-06-04 00:21:29
Hello pierre,
Just to say, abusing 6 topics for this matter wasn't awesome!
One topic was enough, with pm to admin.


6United  lavongsa chess2007-06-04 00:22:52
Hi Jeanne. Just wondering, are you a moderator?-

7Iraq  Jeanne2007-06-04 00:42:13
Each player who loves this website should act as a moderator!
Moreover, should support this website financially.

Best wishes,

8Puerto  jega2007-06-04 00:44:19
I would If I have a job

cause I think this Is a wonderful site

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