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Player: India  babai Subject: Organising a Tournament

2007-06-17 15:08:21
When we organize a tournament there is choice of rating limit(optional.
Say 'X' whose rating is 1340 is organising a tournament comprising of six players, he chose rating limit from (1300 to 1450). Now a player P with rating 1310 joined in the tournament and he won that tournamemt.Infact P has the lowest rating of all 6 players.
Now the funny thing is that although P had the lowest ratings, but his opponents average rating is 1520, which is highest among all the other players. This is due to timeouts in many cases.Actually he is far better playerthan his rating 1310 suggests.
So in this situations should we not take in to the account of opponents average ratings, because there are many players whose opponents average rating is more than 1500, but ELO RATING is 1410 due to timeouts. There should be some provision of opponents average rating when we send, or accept challenges and when organising a tournament.
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