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Player: United  C_Artist_Think Subject: What do you think the 7 NATURAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD SHOULD BE?

2007-06-27 18:44:32
What do you think the 7 natural wonders of the world should be?

1. Angel Falls
2. Mt. Everest
3. Mt. Fuji
4. Andes
5. Mt. Kilimanjaro
6. Niagara Falls
7. Uluru (Eyers Rock)

That's just my opinion. Tell me yours!
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19United  C_Artist_Think2007-06-28 14:53:50
Okay! I totally forgot about Aurora Borealis!

20United  Ray Duque 32007-06-30 03:19:26
I forgot. I think there are eight wonders of the world ,not seven and one of them is the Rice Terraces in Mountain Province, Northern part of the Philippines.

Ray Duque III
New York City

21United  C_Artist_Think2007-11-08 02:51:26
Another natural wonder: Galapagos Islands

22United  1Bryan2007-11-08 04:47:41
Everyone is forgetting about the Grand Canyon in Arizona. What ia sight!

Man made wonders dont make me wonder too much.

23United  C_Artist_Think2007-11-09 00:56:49
9th of my wonders: Mariana Trench, Pacific Oocean (near Australia)

24United  C_Artist_Think2007-11-10 15:02:39
We can add those....

Any more suggestions?

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