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Player: United  chessnut34464 Subject: Joining Tournaments

2005-12-15 01:43:03
I have completed 2 games & have 1 game in progress. I have made over 50 moves. I tried to join a tournament that would add 12 games to my account. I received a message that said I could not have more than 16 concurrent games & was denied entry to the tournament. Why?-
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1Zambia  Wildwild2005-12-15 03:50:28
They are starting to crack down on having too many games.-

2United  chessnut344642005-12-15 03:54:33
I only have one game in progress!-

3Zambia  Wildwild2005-12-15 05:34:43
I admit i have too many..promise to cut down.-

4Palestine  KhaledChessHere Gold Member2005-12-15 09:27:45
thanks chessnut34464 for reporting this problem,,, Fixed!-

5United  chessnut344642005-12-17 03:41:34
Thanks for fixing it-

6United  C_Artist_Think2006-03-31 03:44:25
You only get one concurrent game per every 50 moves.-

7Germany  generals0072006-03-31 21:57:02
@ wildwild: i'm gonna try to catch up to your game number ok?-

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