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Player: United  C_Artist_Think Subject: The Formula of... You!!!

2007-07-04 14:12:20
Tell me the traits you have in a number sentence. Here's an example...my traits!

Artist+Pianist+Chess player+kind+energetic+baseball player+poet+wonderful family+ C_Artist_Think

Now you try!

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6United  Ray Duque 32007-07-05 16:57:40
Okay, Here is mine.

Ballroom Dancer+Movie character+Movie Actor+Film making+Basketball when young+golf+walk+cook+chess player+Long happy married+Retired+NYC+Wonderful family+Ray Duque III.

Ray Duque III
New York City

7United  goldyluck2007-08-26 17:59:09
Healthcare provider = loving&caring + business woman + singer + goldyluck


8Canada  snowowl2007-08-27 02:27:12