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Player: England  jonny__b Subject: 15 day tournaments

2007-07-10 15:04:30
As soon as I finish all of my current games I will start some 15 day tournaments, low rated at first to get my rating back up for the fall out of my recent absence but I will also be starting all kinds of tounreys, up to 1650 ELO, and also a free for all where anyone is welcome. The free for all only has one rule, you will have to be someone familiar from the forum, I always think of ches like martial arts game films. Like dead or alive and that type of thing: We all chill out and talk about stuff in teh forum, and then we battle on the board, it reminds me of the way they chill together and you know at some point they'll be fighting/training/competing. I'm sure noone can follow my metaphor but hey. ANyways, my games will be 15 day per move and I am only going to be playing tourneys ( I will accept challeneges of 15 day per move but wont be sending any out to other people) so is 15 day per ove too long? The free for all will be applicants only so who will be interested? I will make it a maximum sized tourney so will want players of all types to enter-
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