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Player: International  Zbl1519 Subject: Different types

2007-07-11 19:33:36
Could we possibly have different types of tournaments/championships, such as double elimination?

Maybe we could have a bracket style dbl-elim tournament where you play 3wht and 3blk games against your opponent and whoever wins more games is the winner and the other is the loser. If you wanted to do a championship that way or with any number of losses eliminates you (3,4,5,6,etc.), tell me the number of players and I'd be willing to help set it up. I have experience doing so.
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1United  C_Artist_Think2007-07-11 19:40:36
I like the idea!-

2Europian  pierre2007-07-11 19:43:42
...or one can suggest a specifique starting line, not available in ECO system, for example 1.g4 a5.

Why not?

3United  crogers2007-07-11 20:57:15
Im in Zbl1519, double elmination sounds good!!!-

4United  Ishmael2007-07-12 02:04:17
Good idea, Pierre.-

5United  jbj2007-08-10 00:57:04
i like the idea of different tournaments-

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