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Player: United  goldyluck Subject: How long will you go to protect things you enjoy?

2007-07-16 13:41:54
This topic applies to everybody regardless of age, nationality and ability of any kind.I will site an example "if you are told to stop buying coca cola products because it contains small amount of cocaine but your day is not complete without it will you stop buying?" As for me I think I will send an inquiry letter to the company or to the consumer protection agency but 'til then I won't stop drinking any of thier products.
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4United  goldyluck2007-07-17 14:42:18
Whew!! If I could only edit my wordings in this topic..I will. I have a patient dying of some sort of cancer and everytime she smokes her face swells but no one can prevent her from doing it. She said this is the only enjoyment left for her and if it is taken away she just want to die .

5United  goldyluck2007-07-18 01:51:00
Hold on Johnny B, you said you have found someone and you feel she'll be the special one for you and because of this you are careful not to show interest on her? No..No..that's a no no right now start by saying " I have to see you everyday and I don't know why". You give a hint and be kin to her reaction or else you'll end up breaking your heart over and over again.Secret feelings will lead you to nowhere..make your feelings known.

6United  goldyluck2007-07-25 02:17:30
A dream girl for you jonny-b Good Luck.

7United  goldyluck2007-07-25 02:30:16
Some of my young friends are living paycheck to paycheck but in spite of this they have a hobby they enjoy so much they have to have it. GET DRUNK ON PAYDAY. One time I volunteered my spacious living room / mini bar as rendevouz and have my 10 year old a sleep over to his freind's house. If not only of the after the party mess I would like to do it often because the enjoyment thrilled me and everybody felt closer to each other .

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