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Player: United  1Bryan Subject: Joining a tournament then taking vacation

2007-07-23 05:05:34
Hello everyone,
I am new here and just started my first tournament "1450 Tournament". One played joined and immediately took vacation for a month. Is this rude behavior common? Is there a sneaky reason for this player to do this? Does he/she benefit from this somehow?

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16Europian  pierre2007-07-23 10:49:30
It's absolutely not rude behavior.

17United  1Bryan2007-07-23 13:59:35
Maybe it's just me then. I see it as rude to claim a slot knowing that you will not push your first pawn for a month.

18Canada  snowowl2007-07-23 23:19:56
Ah vacations, me i've never used all my vacations day's in any year. However i've noticed that a large number of folk's taking vacation day's will still make moves even while on vacation probably due to easy internet access.

As far as taking day's away while having just started a tourney, it's really no different to me anyway than taking a holiday several weeks into the tourney. Go with the flow , i guess seems to be a good thought here. Also i would hazard a thought here that your individual might finish her or his games quicker than some individuals not on vacation a present.

Entering tournaments, a finding suitable tourney's to enter involves for me, a bit of a time consuming process. I'm looking for players as close to my raing as possible, players whom i will give a good challenge to and the same good challenge from them , I also expect. to win , if that doesn't happen, hopefully i'll win/lose fifty fifty, and if that doesnt happen win a few games against the top players int the tourney gives satisfaction. Vacations never really enter my thoughts, oh well that 's my thinking on your question, have fun...

19United  1Bryan2007-07-24 04:14:59
Hey, it's rude. It's not me afterall I decided.

20United  1Bryan2007-07-26 04:12:18
I understand the rules. I know that sometimes people have family commitments. I think it is just not a polite to sign up for a tournament and immediately declare a vacation. That's all. Being this is my first week on this site I am wondering if this happens often.

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