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Player: United  1Bryan Subject: Joining a tournament then taking vacation

2007-07-23 05:05:34
Hello everyone,
I am new here and just started my first tournament "1450 Tournament". One played joined and immediately took vacation for a month. Is this rude behavior common? Is there a sneaky reason for this player to do this? Does he/she benefit from this somehow?

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1United  Steve Tasker2007-07-23 05:50:31
I join tournaments and take spontaneous vacations as well...I don't see how this could be rude....maybe he is going out of town?

You can't expect your tournament to have fast play....some players, including me, play very slowly. In fact, I once had to start a vacation because I had too many games ending too quickly....the extra day let me regain my composure and make some moves without timing out.

I don't see how it's rude behavior.

2Europian  pierre2007-07-23 10:49:30
It's absolutely not rude behavior.-

3Netherlands  Yenman2007-07-23 10:57:29
Some consider it rude behavior though. It's better not to join a tournament if you plan to go on vacation. Some people could be annoyed if you do that.

In theory one can postpone his games by taking a vacation, watch how the other games progress, then think of a plan how to play against the opponents, giving him some advantage. But that's a little far-fetched.

4Netherlands  Yenman2007-07-23 11:06:20
BTW the end date of the vacation displayed at the homepage is just the maximum amount of vacation days that a person can have. That person can stop his vacation anytime. I know this is misleading. The way how the vacations are displayed should be fixed.-

5United  1Bryan2007-07-23 13:59:35
Maybe it's just me then. I see it as rude to claim a slot knowing that you will not push your first pawn for a month.-

6United  TJSaltdog2007-07-23 21:06:01
Its absolutely rude.-

7United  forevercpat2007-07-23 21:22:08
This is not have vacation time to take a vacation whenever you desire and everyone should respect when a person takes time off from this site. Some people can't log in everyday and you should respect this...

In my opinion, the rudeness comes from the people who complain about this and don't have respect for the vacation settings for this site

8Canada  snowowl2007-07-23 23:19:56
Ah vacations, me i've never used all my vacations day's in any year. However i've noticed that a large number of folk's taking vacation day's will still make moves even while on vacation probably due to easy internet access.

As far as taking day's away while having just started a tourney, it's really no different to me anyway than taking a holiday several weeks into the tourney. Go with the flow , i guess seems to be a good thought here. Also i would hazard a thought here that your individual might finish her or his games quicker than some individuals not on vacation a present.

Entering tournaments, a finding suitable tourney's to enter involves for me, a bit of a time consuming process. I'm looking for players as close to my raing as possible, players whom i will give a good challenge to and the same good challenge from them , I also expect. to win , if that doesn't happen, hopefully i'll win/lose fifty fifty, and if that doesnt happen win a few games against the top players int the tourney gives satisfaction. Vacations never really enter my thoughts, oh well that 's my thinking on your question, have fun...

9United  forevercpat2007-07-23 23:27:06
Good opinion

I was thinking along the same lines and agree with post 8


10United  1Bryan2007-07-24 04:14:59
Hey, it's rude. It's not me afterall I decided.-

11England  jonny__b2007-07-24 14:13:52
What happened to my post on here??? I think its rude to take a 40 day vacation without even moving if its a day per move tourney that you wish to finish by 40days time. It all goes down to circumstances. My example is rude but steve taskers is fine as it was only one day. If someone takes all there vacation in my touneys it doesn't matter coz its a 15 day permove tourney anyway. If someone takes vacation just coz they joined a tourney that they wont be able to complte without timing out then they shouldn't have joined the tourney-

12International  Presort2007-07-24 15:02:10
I don't play in tournaments on line because I think they are meaningless.
In a real life game there is a clock, if you run out of time, that's it, you loose.
On chesshere the rules are different, the rules allow for vacations. I think that says it all. How can you be rude if your following the rules.
You can always put that person on your ignore list or refuse to play in tournaments they play in.
It would be interesting if we could see if there are some that frequently take vacations when they play in tournaments.
Some people cheat using a chess program, in the name of improving their game, but it takes time.
I knew a person that admitted he only used the program when he was in a very complicated situation...and, can you believe, he didn't think he was cheating.

13England  jonny__b2007-07-24 15:10:00
Presort you run the huge error of thinking that rules determine right and wrong. The only thing that determines right and wrong are the intentions and outcome of the action. If you take 1 or 2 days off to sort yourslef out then fair play. But if you join a tournament and then take 40 days off and leave everyone lese waiting round and its for a stupid reason then this is rude in my oppinion.

Presort, according to your theory of rules, it is acceptable to outright refuse to resign in lost games. After all, how can it be rude, its not agsint the rules...

14International  Presort2007-07-24 18:36:21
Your entitled to your opinion.-

15United  mattias252007-07-25 02:45:29
Intentions and outcome the only thing that determines right and wrong?? Disagree. Just because someone has good intentions doesn't make the action right. You can have good intentions, good outcome, and still be wrong. Maybe not to yourself, but be wrong in a variety of ways.

Agree about the refusal to resign statement, not against the rules. Although i sure wouldn't play continous games with that individual.

16International  Presort2007-07-25 23:26:55
If you care to re-read my post, the words right and wrong were not used.
Personally, I don't like the vacation rules at all.
However, the site owner makes the rules and if you don't agree you should contact him directly and ask that the rules be changed.
I would support changing the vacation rules here.
Good Luck

17United  1Bryan2007-07-26 04:12:18
I understand the rules. I know that sometimes people have family commitments. I think it is just not a polite to sign up for a tournament and immediately declare a vacation. That's all. Being this is my first week on this site I am wondering if this happens often.-

18England  jonny__b2007-07-26 09:48:13
presort, I have no intentions of asking for the rules to be changed, it isn't down to admin to sort it out, its up to the individuals to use some common sense and figure out for themselves that there is no point hindering everyone else tournament pointlessly. Its the same as resignation for me, admin have the rules perfect, they dont need to add rules stating that a player should resign a in a lost position, it is up to the individual to use his common sense and know that no one will want to play him again if he drags a game out pointlessly. I will always resign a lost position and you are welcome to check through my games and see for yourself, but the fact is taht just because tehre isn't a rule there, doesn't mean you wont annoy people by not resigning. Rules are meaningless to me. I dont believe admin need to change there 'rules' I believe some players need to change their attitude.

Mattias, I am intrigued to learn a situation that is wrongdoings that benefit everybody and with the greatest of intentions. If you can give a good example I will admit my integrity needs tweaking to adjust to your philosophy, that clearly hasn';t crossed mt mind before now. But when I say outcome and intentions, this means first of all you aim to benfit others (as in put others into a position of advantage due to your actions) and secondly to benefit your self. However if your actions also act to the detrement of anybody (as in disadvantages people) then this should be measured against the positive and cross referenced with how well your intentions were to get a good idea of how good or bad your action was. E.g. Exploiting third world countries to make yourself and some extremely rish business men even richer is an extremely poor action and would be an extremely discraceful thing to od and hits near rock bottom in terms of my definition of right and wrong. If you exploit rich business men for teh benfit of third world countries, even illegally (as in agsint the RULES) then this may be considered an extremely good act in my books. As long as the rich people dont die or suffer extreme pain (apart from the distress of losing some of their fortune) then there is no problem with this. ANd also assuming the people you have helped are starving helpless africans as opposed to gun wielding war mongering africans. It gets very complicated but it all falls down to the chain reaction you cause tyhrough your actions and whther you choose to help the greedy or the needy (a good little rhyme I made up there ) I will be interested to discuss this further with you if taht is your wish mattias

19United  mattias252007-07-26 19:10:19
I don't really wish to get into deep discussion on this issue, my goal is not to "change" anyone else's thinking to my own. The world can only handle one of me!

Curious though.....You can't think of a situation in which..done with good intents, good outcome, but still violate rules or laws of some sort? My point is not only would it have to be good intents+outcome, but also with be within the laws or rules of the land to Truly be a "good outcome".

20United  jbj2007-08-10 21:00:58
i think that people should not join a tournament if youre planning to take a vacation. I also think that people shouldn't be allowed to move during a vacation.-

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