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Player: England  jonny__b Subject: jonny b tourneys

2007-07-24 15:13:48
I have oranised three tourneys. 1 is for 1350 and below (which is nearly full). 1 is for 1550 (and is also nearly full) and the final one has no limit but is inly for regular forum goers so we can all see what each other plays like. They are all 15 day moves and the last one is the only one you must apply for as opposed to striaght out join. Please anyone who regularult partakes in convo, I would really like to see a clash between everyone as I find the prospect of you all meeting in a chess tourney extremely interesting. If anyone wants to see theJonny__b then play alekhine against me dont apply if you dont regularly tlak in the forum though-
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1England  jonny__b2007-07-24 15:14:14
I feel mean having to reject people from my tourney -

2United  Deltamethrin2007-07-24 21:21:38
Jonny I'll happily play the Alekine as black aginst you!-

3Belgium  lonnerke2007-07-27 14:31:05
i hope you accept my apply than you can trie to defeat " the annoying" opening with possible checkmate in 4 moves-