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Player: Canada  snowowl Subject: Beating a higher rating, say two hundred or so

2007-07-26 20:01:26
I'd like to get some feedback, from others in regards, to wins which chessplayers get. i've noticed that my ratings, hover near low to mid 14's, and against this range i do ok, in the upper 14's a downward trend starts, and in the low 15's, i win a few, in the high 15's and above the that number, single digit percentages start to show.

I'm fairly sure that this would reflect other player's experience's also.

I would love to here from other's agreeing with my finding, and also what about exceptions to that experience...
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7Canada  snowowl2007-07-27 01:51:35
Math and statistics indeed, work quite well,especially when used over hundreds of games. One thing that seems to be well addressed here on this site, is inclusion of the average rating strength of opponent's. If i challenge for example a 1450 player whose opponents average strength is 1460, then i would deem him stronger than a challenge to a 1450 player with average strenth opponents of say 1380. Just a thought...

8Canada  snowowl2007-07-27 18:14:54
oh wow, statistician's would love this concept, even a beginning stat's person like me could see some benefit from this. My first thought is, would it require a lot of work???

9Canada  snowowl2007-07-27 18:30:03
And on a similar, but different note. I looked at your stat's johnny and see not a 1270 player, but think you play closer to a 1400 average, and to add piqued interest you play strong players averaging around 1430's i think, you win about 40% of your games, and you have two strong downward trough's of losses which indicate even stronger capability than these stat's suggest.
I realize what i'm saying is highly interpretive on my part, possibly some B.S. but in my opinion still holds some validity. I'm surprised we haven't met in a tournament or team game, if and i'm sure we will play, my impression from those stat's is i would think that provided both players brought their "A" game a 60/40 50/50 40/60 split of games would or could occur. Oh boy do i ramble or what, LOL....

10Canada  snowowl2007-07-31 00:07:48
never beat anyone in the 16's yet, had a draw against a 17, and several losses. your line of fifty plus one day moves...is really interesting, and yes that does tell a story.
i'm of the feeling that for us to get above 15 and stay there: tactics mite be a good beginning and i'm putting roughly 10% of my time towards this, also using the analyse board , i don't do enough of. oh well, i know the area's to use to improve, now just gotta do it but darn it's just to much fun playing chess...

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