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Player: Canada  snowowl Subject: Timeouts, (24hrs. + 6hrs)

2007-08-06 04:05:03
I'm not sure how to write or explain my idea properly. But please bear with me, and i will do my best.
Is it possible that some people are getting timed out by only going over the clock by a few hours only? Let's say that an individual plays once a day, let's say every evening for instance. The individual play's approximately allways within the 24 hour limit or 48 hr or 72 hr limit, but once every once in a while he or she plays 24to30hrs, 48to 60hrs, or 72 to 78 hrs.
In effect he is getting a timeout loss because he goes just a few hours over the timeout limit. it may sound like a foolish idea, but maybe the time limit could be extended by six hours .

Just a thought , but maybe, this idea, might hold some validity...
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