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Player: United  jbj Subject: Next Championship

2007-08-10 21:32:27
Its been 5 months since the last championship. When will the next one come out. I really want to get in one.-
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1Croatia  Carl_cocaine2007-08-13 09:33:42
I also want know when????-

2Portugal  filipepsantos2007-08-13 09:56:01
I think it was decided sometime ago that there would be new championships about every 6 months...

altough I also think that something should change in the way these championships are held... it takes too long to go from one stage to another... maybe the groups should be bigger than what they are now...

3Ukraine  Squash2007-08-13 22:00:28
Registration for next Championship will start 1th of September.-

4United  jbj2007-08-13 23:47:37
At Last!!!-

5United  forevercpat2007-08-14 00:01:02

6Canada  snowowl2007-08-14 01:59:28
that sounds great-

7United  jbj2007-08-14 16:03:47

8Australia  cc13669115662007-08-14 16:04:53
great I ll join it :-)-

9Portugal  Rgoltsman2007-08-20 19:23:57
Hi, I'm new here and I have some questions about the championchip.
1- Where can I register.
2- How many games I will have to do whille the championchip (Today I can only make 20 games at the same time)
3- I'll i have to cancel other games I was playing to enter the championchip?
4- Can I put vacations on the middle of the championchip?

Thanks, and greatings

10United  C_Artist_Think2007-08-23 02:49:10
Yea! A new championship!

To Rgoltsman:

1. There is a link on the left side under Teams[My]
and above Players. Click on it, and then click on Open Championships, and register.

2. You will either have 6 or 8 games.

3. You might have to, if you can only play 20 at a time at the moment.

4. Yes, you can.

I'm always glad to help!

Your friend,

11United  lavongsa chess2007-08-23 03:09:44
YES!!!!!!! September 1st!!!!!!!!! (lol, actually, my predicted date was September 4th when I go back to school)

Thanks Squash!!

I get to join one!!!!!!!!!!

12Viet  Hao Nhien2007-08-23 03:55:28
Some questions:
- Is the championship 4 days per move? I suggest 7 or 8 days because many players don't have time to play except on weekend.
- When will the registration end? I've known that it will start on September 1st.
Thank you.

13United  alydar2007-09-05 01:53:50
its 9/4 and i still see no championship t started.
when will it start?

14United  jbj2007-09-05 21:38:59
Squash said it would start next month because it has only been 5 months theyre also fixing the championship database-

15Canada  BenoitDarisse2007-09-06 00:12:18
Cant wait to enter the next championship! I'm checking everytime I get the chance :) Will there be an announcement or something? And how will I know the next Championship is started?-

16International  Szandra2007-09-06 10:19:50
15. BenoitDarisse

Will there be an announcement or something?
Of Course

And how will I know the next Championship is started?
Click on Main Menu => My Stuff => General Preferences =>
Notify Me by e-mail when
A player makes a move in one of my games

Then Click on below button of =>
Update My Preferences

17Canada  BenoitDarisse2007-09-14 17:06:34
Thanks for answering :P And ummm I'm wondering, you were kidding me there right? If I put that option, I'll start receiving dozens of email each day, whenever a player makes a move won't it? -

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