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Player: Macedonia  macedonia Subject: Players matched, waiting for challenger team captain to approve player matchings.

2007-08-12 12:02:49
I am waiting for an approval for long time! I cannot search for other team game for my players,because of this. I don't want those players waiting to have more games that they want to play.
I think it should be a time limit for waiting, so we can cancel the team match if there is no replay for a long time!
Can the administrators do something about this? I will need support from those players who think the same!
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8Macedonia  macedonia2007-08-13 00:15:50
Correct joe_black - after you approve and match the players there is no way to cancel the game . You can only view! It should be a option to cancel the game?

9Macedonia  macedonia2007-08-17 09:12:32
Thanks for the support. i hope more people will support this topic , so we can have some results!

10Macedonia  macedonia2007-08-29 06:56:48
I hope somebody else will agree with us?