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Player: Canada  snowowl Subject: How to win more chess games , Tried and true secrets.

2007-08-16 03:29:09
Let's start a thread in the forum's and give up some advice to each other on what we feel, are our personal " secrets " to winning more games, than we would if we didn't use this secret weapon of ours.

For me the Analysis Board is a very helpful weapon in my arsenal of secret's. It let's me contemplate visually, possible moves my opponent might make, my move reply's. I can using the little box on the bottom, flip the board to see it from my opponent's perspective and so on.

Just awesome this analysis board provided by Squash and Co.

Anyway that's one of my secret's....
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16Macedonia  macedonia2007-08-17 09:17:42
They are many methods, but here is one simple advise from me>
Do not rush with your moves. Take your time.
I lost a lot of games because of rushing to move.

17Canada  snowowl2007-08-17 18:46:31
Just awesome , thanks everyone, what a response. Anymore... going on holiday's for a week or so, looking forward to see the additions , (if any) when i get back...

Plus of course all the other great forum's, and oh, can't forget, i get to play more chess, lol.