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Player: Nigeria  berlinwall Subject: Next Championship

2007-08-30 16:37:10
How do I register for the next championship.-
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1Belgium  lonnerke2007-08-30 16:47:57
when the next championship will be announced you can put up your name unther " championships"
then you have to wait a month an than games will be matched.

2United  lavongsa chess2007-08-30 18:22:58
Registration starts September 1st...-

3United  jbj2007-08-30 18:55:04
2 more days...-

4Croatia  Carl_cocaine2007-08-30 22:08:51
How many players can play on championship?-

5United  jbj2007-08-31 16:18:57
about 150-200 i think-

6United  jbj2007-08-31 16:19:21
tommorows the day-

7United  lavongsa chess2007-08-31 17:42:01
I thought it was like 150 players-250 each group. (A, B, and C.)

But don't ask me, I haven't been in one yet!!


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