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Player: United  Rar316 Subject: Tournaments - no vacation option

2007-08-31 21:01:25
Can we have an option to set up a tournament that disallows for vacation play? This way, if you're the kind of player that likes to use vacation time in order to play large amount of games at once, you will know in advance not to join this tournament, as it is only for those who intend to make their moves within the specified time limit.-
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1United  jbj2007-08-31 21:40:18
its a good idea if you want to finish a tournament in a specific time limit-

2Canada  snowowl2007-09-03 00:09:38
not such a bad idea, i like it...-

3Portugal  filipepsantos2007-09-03 00:22:22
Not all the people that use vacation time intend to take advantage of it in their play.

I believe that most of us use those days only when they know that for some reason might not be able to log in and play for some time.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like those guys that have 80 vacation days and use them to be able to have 1000 and more simultaneous games.

I just don't like rules that harm many just to get a few.

4Croatia  Carl_cocaine2007-09-03 00:36:51
Good idea!-

5United  Surf-32007-09-15 04:07:45
Good Idea. When I hear of complaints on vacations, they only seem to apply to tournaments, so it looks like if vacations were disabled during tournament play, complaints on vacations would probably be eliminated completely...................-

6Netherlands  SuperMacho2007-09-15 21:34:04
This is a very good idea, I like it.-

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