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Player: Nigeria  berlinwall Subject: championship

2007-09-01 03:18:24
Today is 1st september, I cant find where to join the next championship. what do I do?-
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1United  lavongsa chess2007-09-01 03:37:10
Today is still August 31st in the US, so it might not be up until later for you.-

2United  forevercpat2007-09-01 16:56:04
Today is now Sept. 1st

I guess we can join the championchip sometime later today...

3Canada  snowowl2007-09-01 17:51:05
Got a query, if and when the next tourney starts, if i join the B championship, if i cant maintain my rating above 1500, does that mean i won't be able to play in the B? Or will admin automatically drop me to the C? I know that if i was to enter the C with a 1489 and i graduated to a 1500 plus i would automatically be jumped into the B...Stupid question but i'm not sure...-

4United  lavongsa chess2007-09-01 18:03:55
Yes, I think that if you go below it you will go into C. I am not sure when we will be able to join.

Can't wait.

5Canada  snowowl2007-09-01 20:43:03
that sounds good, seems like win /win as far as being able to play, i hope i can make the b group, want to play strong players, lol, probably won't win fifty per cent, but oh far as strong player's goes, i think you whupped me pretty good lavongsa chess, lol...maybe we'll meet up again, have you thought about joining rumble seven? organizer was mickan1234...-

6United  lavongsa chess2007-09-01 20:46:57
I will check it out, thanks snowowl.

I did not beat you by much, they were good games.

7United  lavongsa chess2007-09-01 21:36:21
Hello!! Squash, since you posted about 4 minutes ago, do you know when we can register?-

8United  forevercpat2007-09-01 21:39:41
Yes...this information would be nice, thanks-

9United  lavongsa chess2007-09-01 21:40:43

10United  jbj2007-09-01 21:46:40
i would like to know too-

11United  lavongsa chess2007-09-01 21:48:58
And the moment we all are waiting for..........comes............-

12United  jbj2007-09-01 21:50:25
what do you mean-

13United  lavongsa chess2007-09-01 21:52:08
When Squash will announce we can join............:-) We are all waiting for that moment, and it will be.........................(lol, waiting for squash to say now.)-

14United  jbj2007-09-01 21:52:57
i cant wait i cant wait-

15United  lavongsa chess2007-09-01 21:55:52
........................I can't either, I can't either!!

Of course I heard the actual games don't start until about 1 month later..............

Oh well!!

16United  jbj2007-09-01 21:57:40
why? does registration take one month?-

17United  lavongsa chess2007-09-01 22:01:16
Don't think so, but to match players up and such-

18Ukraine  Squash2007-09-01 22:18:40

I'm sorry, but right now we analyze situation with existing Championships. It's a pity when we have ten Championships and don't have any winners. So we currently upgrading Championships software. Also previous Championship was started only 5 months ago, so we planning to put off start of new Championship for 1 month approximately. Sorry.

19United  lavongsa chess2007-09-01 22:34:25
Ok Squash. Thank you for telling us.-

20Canada  snowowl2007-09-01 23:58:22
i'm also ok with that, thanks for keeping us informed... best site ever, for sure...-

21United  jbj2007-09-02 00:22:04

22England  jonny__b2007-09-02 08:48:21
I was all phsyched up for teh champinships at least I got time to get my games down. Is it completely random who we play? I am gonna look at all my opponents games and see how they play and proper study some opening theory and really prepare coz I really wanna go some (I know who I want to elliminate )-

23United  C_Artist_Think2007-09-02 12:28:47
Now it is the second. When's the next championship going to start?-

24United  jbj2007-09-02 19:56:36
Squash just said we may have to wait one more month-

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