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Player: Portugal  filipepsantos Subject: Chess Masters tournament by Foxy31

2007-09-10 21:22:12
I think this tournament could be canceled by admin, in view that Foxy31 hasn't logged in for 119 days and no game has started for he didn't accept any application to his tournament.

there are others, i'm sure, that could be dealt with this way to clear a bit the tournaments area.

I'm sure that admin has more important this to do, but this one doesn't seem to be too complicated...

Tournaments should have a time window to be open. After that, one month or so, it should go on with the players already on it.
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1Canada  snowowl2007-09-10 21:29:39
I like this idea, especially the going on with the player already in it. currently playing in a tourney with 7 of 10 participants on board, should this go on for thirty days or more, i think not, so i really like the idea...-

2United  jbj2007-09-10 21:56:10
i love this idea i dont like the tournaments area to be so crowded the last 5 tourneys are organized by players that havent logged in for 80+ days i also think the people who havent logged on for a long time their account should be deleted or something-

3Portugal  filipepsantos2007-09-10 22:02:09
not deleted, if it's deleted what would happen to the games we played against them?

Maybe suspended.

The reason for the suspention would be on their profiles.

And if they came back, they could reactivate the account.

4United  jbj2007-09-10 22:03:32
good idea-

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