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Player: United  goldyluck Subject: Do You Know A Hero?

2007-09-15 02:38:42
Do you know someone who did heroic thing? He/she can be anybody you know personally. I know a lot of people around me who went out of their way just to help others.This person stands out among the rest.

His name is Earl B. of MISSION: LOVE SEEDS. Living a privilege life,beautiful wife and kids,charismatic and charming and good looking too but leaves all these behind and travel to the third world countries to feed the poor.
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10United  goldyluck2007-09-16 16:38:28
To Super Macho:

Will you tell why hercules your older brother is a hero to you? I would like to know .

Another hero I know is my neighbor's one eyed dog BITSY - she barked when a theif tried to steal my other neighbor's expensive mailbox.

11United  goldyluck2007-09-18 03:14:18
A police dog named SGT. PEPPER. He is a CANINE unit who help locate a myth lab in my county.

12United  goldyluck2007-09-19 15:37:37
All the people behind - MISSION: LOVE SEEDS - . Check their works at EarlB.COM . Please vote for the best pictures and write your comments. They help a lot of people worldwide.

13United  goldyluck2007-09-22 16:52:29
post #4 Sgt. Pepper is in K-9 unit.

The Jehovah's Witnesses ... who spread the news for salvation.

14United  goldyluck2007-09-28 14:15:36
Our subdivision's HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION president --- does all the paper works, sends letters to members, collects dues, take care of the services providers and making sure all the street lights are working without compensation.

He is truly a HERO!!!

15United  goldyluck2007-11-04 23:40:18
Hey...I am baaaaack!!!! I was busy at work and just logged in to do my games. Please , people post only the hero you know in person ..the live ones who you can rub elbows with. Post #12 is fine .

16United  goldyluck2007-11-04 23:59:35
post #4 meth not myth....sorry typo.

Hi there jonny-b .

17United  goldyluck2007-11-07 15:10:59
I started this thread to express my gratitude to people around me who are happy to devote thier time and efforts to help others. This will also give others a chance to express thier gratitude to people who helped them and thier communities .

To kapetan:

If mickey mouse is your hero then maybe perhaps this character have entertained you so much which in some way made you smile in times of your trouble.This is the only way I can imagine how it become your hero .

18United  goldyluck2007-11-07 15:21:40
Same here...just trying to make sense.

19United  goldyluck2007-11-09 20:28:24
Yes..Yes..Wild player! She was indeed a Saint in our time.

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