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Player: Portugal  filipepsantos Subject: 4th ChessHere Championship-C

2007-09-19 11:42:59
4th ChessHere Championship-C's first round is over.

When will the second be started??
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1United  Prophylaktikos2007-09-19 16:00:38
I'm interested in joining a Championchip on this site...can I have some more details on this. I'm a new player-

2Croatia  Wild player2007-09-19 16:06:40
Please click on Help&F.A.Q then you will see on your left side word Championship click and see all informations about championship-

3Canada  snowowl2007-09-19 16:08:12
Hi Prophylaktikos, word in the wind has it that next championship is starting soon, possibly around begin of Oct. So joining is easy , click on Championship Bar on the left side just under Teams and above Players. Select the appropriate, group or rating range , and when admin starts the tournament, you and I and all other participants begin to do battle on our prospective boards, woo hoo...-

4United  Prophylaktikos2007-09-19 17:26:27
I'm ready to join! Hope to see everyone there...thanks for your help.-

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